Will you marry me?

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I’ve had a busy round of meeting potential wedding clients since the New Year celebrations ended, and one question I always like to ask is “who proposed to who?” It’s really important to me if I’m gonna be shooting someones big day that I get a feel for who my clients are, what music and films they like, what makes them laugh, how affectionate and romantic they are. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it makes a BIG difference to photographing a couple and therefore to their pictures.

Sometimes I get to hear the whole proposal story, sometimes just a straight answer, but this morning a rather unusual proposal story popped into my inbox which I thought I’d share.

Photographer Derick Childress spent three nights photographing hundreds of still images as he painted his message using light onto the streets of Raleigh, North Carolina. Light painting is a fun, but tricky technique, (you can read Derick’s “How it was done” report if you want the full details), and I was pretty gobsmacked with this video of Derick writing his proposal to girlfriend Emily. The final image is apparently made up of about 800 individual stills that each took 10 seconds to expose.

Light Writing Proposal from Derick Childress on Vimeo.

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