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A few weeks back, as mentioned in a previous post, I injured my knee, and it was doubtful for a while that I would be fit to shoot at Jenni & Marc’s wedding last weekend. As a sole trader, this is one of those things we all dread happening, and a common question from couples at meetings, “What happens if you are ill?” they ask. And it’s quite right that they do. So let me answer that from experience.
My injury occurred 3 weeks before their day and I was quick to let them know the situation, that I hoped I would be recovered but was making contingency plans on their behalf so they needn’t worry.
I had just recently been approached by Suzy, a student photographer looking for work experience, so a quick call to her and I was able to put someone in place who could shoot with me if I was well, but less nimble than usual. Next was to secure another local wedding photographer whom I could ask to cover the job for me at short notice if in the event I was unfit. And at this point I want to say what a great bunch of photographers we have in this area, because although we have mostly never met, absolutely everyone I talked to was great and expressed a wish to help out, it being their great fear too. Being a May Bank holiday however, everyone it seemed was already booked on another wedding job. And now I have to give the biggest message of thanks to the man who stepped in to help. I got a call back from Kevin Lindeque, who though booked for the Sunday, was free on the Saturday and offered to help by shooting for me. Kev is one of the local photographers whom I’d not met, or spoken to before but whose work I very much admired, and even recommended him on my website. I knew Kev would be perfect so we made the arrangements and I updated the couple to let them know the plans. Jenni and Marc were great about everything, wished me well and thanked me for sorting things out.
In the event, I was able to shoot part of the day myself, with Suzy assisting (her first wedding shoot, and I think she loved it!). After the service, Kev took over and handled the reception photography.
I cannot thank Kev enough for stepping in to help me out, Kev You’re a star! and I look forward to buying you a beer very soon!
Needless to say, I’m happy to help out if any local photographers have a similar crisis!
I’ll be posting some of the pics by Kev, Suzy and myself from Jenni & Marc’s wedding shortly.


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