Wedding Albums

It’s great looking through your wedding photos on your laptop or in your online gallery, but there’s still nothing quite like seeing your wedding photos in print!

I offer two quite distinct styles of wedding album, coffee table style and art book style. They come in a variety of sizes and both with a different set of plus and minus points to consider.


These resemble the kind of books you would get in a bookstore, hardbacks with flexible pages and room for as many photos as you want to include.

The increased number of images which can be accommodated in these coffee-table style books means an increased amount of layout and design time on my part, but the printing and reprint costs of original and duplicate copies are kept low.

Sizes available:

7″ x 7″ (from £270, additional copies approx £60ea)

10″ x 8″ (from £270, additional copies approx £60ea)

12″ x 12″ (from £290, additional copies approx £70ea)

12″ x 11″ (from £290, additional copies approx £70ea)

Sample cover, coffee-table style
Sample page layout (images on separate pages)


Art books are a deluxe album, they come with heavy lay-flat pages, printed on quality photographic paper to bring out the best in your photographs.

Art books have fewer pages, and can therefore hold a fewer number of images. This reduces the design time costs, but the print costs are higher as you would expect with a quality item. Duplicates and reprints are about half the price of the original album.

Sizes available:

8″ x 8″ (from £350, additional copies approx £175)

12″ x 8″ (from £370, additional copies approx £185)

10″ x 10″ (from £390, additional copies approx £195)

12″ x 12″ (from £420, additional copies approx £210)

Sample cover, art book style
Sample page layout (images can spread across the fold)

Please get in touch to discuss your wedding album, we can arrange a visit to look more closely at the different styles and assess your requirements. N.B. prices are subject to change and the number of pages required to complete your design.

Page last updated, June 2022.