Three Flax writers for the price of one!

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It was back on the Flax writers wagon for me on Friday, with not one but three writers dropping by the Litfest office for editorial meets and photo shoots.
I always enjoy doing these portraits, as I’m usually accompanied by Sarah Hymas, the Flax editor, who engages in conversation with the sitter while I get on with the snapping. It’s a nice informal way of doing things and it seems to work well. No one gets too self conscious or nervous about the camera and we seem to get some good natural pics as a result.
Brindley, Annie and Marita are all featured in the next Flax digital anthology “Flax017: Unsaid, Undone”, which launches in April. It’ll be the first digital anthology from Flax in over a year, and I’ve really not much of an idea yet how Martin Chester, the Litfest designer will be using the results, so it’ll be fun to see!

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