The joys of second shooting

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This last weekend I had the great pleasure of second shooting for Philip Gibbs of Tall Order Photography. I’ve known Phil a while now and a few weeks back he came along on one of my weddings as second shooter. Phil commented back then how he loved being able to sit back a little and shoot more informally, and I got to see what he meant when I returned the favour this week and acted as second shooter to Phil for Rachel and Paul’s Wedding.

I tend to shoot very informally at weddings anyway, but it’s a lovely thing to be able to shoot weddings from slightly askew as it were. As second shooter, I can slink off to an out of the way position and catch the action from a completely different viewpoint, or I can offer a second angle on a portrait shot, or just look at what’s going on behind the main action for a change.

Both Phil and I are members of LADAPP (Lancaster & District Association of Professional Photographers), a small network of like-minded wedding photographers who come together occasionally to talk and share experiences, offer advice, share work and collectively offer stand-in cover in the unlikely event of someone getting knocked down by a bus (touch wood).

I’m afraid the two of us look quite a comical pair, Phil is a thin and tall 6′ 5″, and I’m a round and short 5′ 8″. In addition, whilst I am actually called Mr Bean, Phil is often told he looks like Mr Bean!

I was somewhat blown away by the gorgeously vintage styled flowers at Rachel & Paul’s wedding, so not at all surprised to find they were done by Catherine at Wedding Flowers By Catherine in Lancaster, indeed Catherine showed up for a brief spell on the day and so these next ones are for her.

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  1. This montage is SO beautiful John/Johnny/Jonathan (delete as appropriate!) 🙂

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