Tam & Chris’ Pre-wedding Shoot

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A few weeks back I met up on a cold but bright Preston afternoon with this lovely couple for a pre-wedding portrait shoot. There are any number of reasons for opting for a pre-wedding photo shoot, but in Tam & Chris’  case it was to address the fact that as they live in London, and I am a Lancashire based wedding photographer, it was an opportunity both to meet up before their big day in January, and to calm some photo nerves!

Nerves can play a big part in getting successful wedding photos, and so this is a great way to reduce their effect. There is nothing much worse for both photographer and wedding couple than to meet for the first time on the day of the wedding. Sometimes its unavoidable, but I always like to have at least one meeting and to establish some small connection before the wedding that will help me to help them on the wedding day.

I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand why people get nervous about having their photo taken, even though I get that way myself, but the pre-wedding session allows me to try some things out, individual portraits as well as couple shots, see how clients react to the camera, talk over the issues, help them relax and take some reassuringly lovely pictures! For the most part, I’m looking to capture the loving connection between a couple, so I don’t want them to look at the camera during a shoot, yet it’s what most people instinctively do. A pre-wedding shoot can help me show people what an incredible difference it can make to your photos to ignore me and concentrate on just being together with each other.

OK here’s how the shoot with Tam & Chris went… I can’t wait for their wedding at Eaves Hall in January now!!K5__1141__WEB

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