Taking it all in

Another ‘Moments’ post for today.

I love the period at weddings when guests are relaxing, mingling, and generally kicking back and enjoying the day. It’s a great time for grabbing candid portraits, and I find I’m frequently drawn to the elder members of the family who can often be found in contemplative mode, quietly taking everything in. During our pre-wedding meetings I will often ask if there are any special family members or guests whom they would like me to make sure of ‘catching’. Nine times out of ten the response will be ‘Grandma’ or ‘Grandad’. It’s not surprising I suppose, our grandparents hold a powerful emotional place in our hearts for most of us. Having a strong portrait of Grandma or Grandad on your wedding day is very important to many people, and it’s one that can be guaranteed a place in the wedding album. In fact it’s a reminder very often that your wedding album is never just for now – wedding albums become hugely important over time as you reminisce together and share the pictures and stories with your children and then later your grandchildren.

Here is one of those ‘Grandma’ moments from Sally & Ben’s recent wedding at the Hotel du Vin in York.