iMap the Neighbourhood

iMap the Neighbourhood was a collaborative art project instigated by Pete Moser at More Music, an organisation based in the heart of Morecambe’s West End. The project was an exercise to map the area through different artists interpretations of the various infrastructures underpinning the area,
aimed at engaging new people from the community in arts and cultural activity literally, inspired by the very ‘roads beneath their feet’.

Artists included Lizzie Coombes (Photographer), Sue Flowers (Environmental Artist), Kate Maddison (‘Creative Engineer’, trained Architect, Artist and Public Art consultant, Pete Moser (Community Musician) and Shane Johnstone (Artist).

For my part, I took a look at food routes, the food we buy, grow and transport on its way to being consumed in our homes. I wanted people to think more about where our food comes from? how it reaches our tables? how far it travels, and at what cost to us personally and to the planet?

I gave a talk about my part in the project at the West End Festival in 2016, and followed up with a short film “Food Talk”, made with the fab local filmmaker Tom Diffenthal.