Johnny Bean as Pumpkinhead

I love Halloween, it’s just a great time for having some fun. Mrs Beanphoto loves a party and we have some sort of Halloween event most years. I try every year to put a further spin on the fun, by photographing our party guests in costume and playing around a bit with the images.

Back in 2013, just before we moved to Morecambe, and were still living in Lancaster, I created Mr Pumpkinhead, a huge wearable papier mache pumpkin head for one of Neil Kendall’s amazing Halloween spectacular events, where I was crowned Mr Morecambe Halloween (technically, I still hold that title, as the event hasn’t been staged since!). Pumpkinhead reappeared later as Steampumpkinhead, and later still as a rotting pumpkin, but has now sadly collapsed and died.

Halloween 2016

For 2016 I snapped guests as individuals or couples, then created a montage scene of them all as the invite for next year’s party…

Halloween 2017

For 2017, I snapped guests again and then created scenes for each of their characters…