Sam Fitton | Lancaster Magician

Sam Fitton is an award-winning magician, based in Lancaster, whom I first met some months back at Lis & Gareth’s wedding when he was amazing the couple and their guests with his amazing sleight of hand trickery! We exchanged cards and afterwards I sent Sam some of the photos from the day, something I often like to do with fellow suppliers in the spirit of friendliness and networking.

A few weeks later, during a new client meeting, I was asked if I could recommend a magician to provide some entertainment. Before I could say anything and “as if by magic”, Sam walked smilingly past the window where we were sat! A couple of weeks later Sam called to ask if I’d like to have a coffee, we met and when I told him the tale, he replied “Oh yes, I’m THAT good!” And he is! If you are thinking of having entertainment for your wedding guests, I can unreservedly recommend Sam Fitton, Lancashire’s award-winning magic man!

Turns out that meeting over coffee was because Sam wanted to ask if I’d take some portraits of him, not cheesy magician portraits, some ‘real’ portraits. Well I don’t know how real or unreal they are, but here’s a few from that recent shoot…

2012-10-01_003 2012-10-01_002 2012-10-01_0012012-10-01_006 2012-10-01_005 2012-10-01_004