Public Memory Gathering Day 2

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So on Saturday we spent a few hours in Morecambe library to meet residents of Morecambe with a tale to tell. Elizabeth, a lovely lady now into her 80’s, remembered her family (from Leeds) holidayed every year in Morecambe. Her family eventually moved to the place they held dear in retirement and now Elizabeth herself has a little place on the seafront a few doors from the Grand Hotel where she once stayed. I loved Elizabeth’s memory of the family bringing their own joints of beef for the landlady to cook! Elizabeth shared us some lovely photos too including this fab picture of her walking out with her mother on the seafront.

We also talked to Barrie, a lifelong photographer and jazz musician. Barrie regaled us with tales of organ grinders and their monkeys running along the guttering a of streets in the West End and rapping in the windows to collect money! Anyone else recall that?

Barrie shared us a look st his amazing archive of his own photographs, and with luck we’ll be able to share some with you all st a future point in time.

Barrie kindly allowed me to take a quick snap.

We’ll hopefully be adding some extra dates soon and collecting more wonderful tales of holiday fun in fantastic Morecambe!