Public Memory-Gathering Day 1

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Morecambe & Heysham Brochure, 1938 cover

On Wednesday this week, we had our first public memory gathering session at The Exchange on West Street Morecambe. To say we were delighted with the response would be an understatement, and it just goes to prove Morecambrians are justly proud of their town. We heard tales of monkeys and mechanical elephants, of nylons and fruit and veg, of clairvoyant holidaymakers and so much more. I won’t share all here as we want to keep some surprises, but amongst the treasures that turned up was this fantastic Morecambe & Heysham Town Brochure from 1938, courtesy of David Scott. The guide tells us that the population of the area in 1938 was 28,770, the town sat at an altitude of 25 feet above sea level, the climate was ‘equitable and mild’ and that water was ‘soft and plentiful’.

I’ve scanned a few pages to give you an idea…

Our next memory gathering day is on Saturday, Feb 10th at Morecambe Central Library – come along and meet us, tell us your tales of holidays in Morecambe.