Luminate Morecambe

In late 2019/early 2020, I project managed “Expressions“, a Luminate Morecambe project with Callum Henry of Luminate. Expressions involved organising artist-led, open, community workshops (thanks to Shane Johnstone and Andrea Joynson, our artists) in the Arndale Centre Morecambe, supported by Morecambe Artist Colony. Members of the public were invited to find words that expressed their hopes, concerns, loves and wishes for Morecambe Bay. We then helped them turn their words into neon-style lights using flexible fluorescent tubing and wire. We made around 100 words (and a few short phrases). 

Over 3 nights in January 2020, we installed the neons at dusk in the 3 beach areas of Bare, the Town Centre and the West End. 

These low-key light installations were designed as a starting point to hopefully spark a reimagined Morecambe Illuminations for the 2020’s. 

I took the stills and also made 3 videos across the 3 nights…

1. Night 1: Bare 27/01/20

2. Night 2: Clock Tower 29/01/20

3. Night 3: The Battery (West End)

The Luminate Expressions project was originated by Luminate, funded by Unltd and supported by Beanphoto, Morecambe Artist Colony and The Arndale Centre, Morecambe.

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