Blue paint spilling from tin onto alleyway

Lockdown for me, back in early 2020 was not a very creative period, for months I couldn’t take any photos at all, the desire just wasn’t there. Some of the only trips I was making outdoors were to put the rubbish bins and recycling out. I noticed the rubbish in the back alley behind my house was building up, and I started to message Lancaster City Council about it to get it removed. It felt like during lockdown people had less opportunity or means to dispose of their unwanted waste, the local recycling depot required you to register online before making a trip, and then only one type of waste at a time could be taken. It felt like it wasn’t surprising people were fly-tipping their waste more than before. 

But as the weeks went by, I started to take more interest in the items that were being left. I noticed how they moved position from day to day, sometimes disappearing and then returning a few days later. They began to take on a character and life of their own, a kind of narrative was emerging and I started to record the story of the alley in a series of ongoing Instagram posts hashtagged ….


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