I thought it would be fun to start a new occasional strand on the blog today – one I’m going to call Moments. It’s pretty self explanatory really. When I’m shooting weddings I love to keep an eye open for those little moments that just happen, that fall into place, sometimes planned, sometimes unexpected. For me they are the lifeblood of shooting weddings. Full of character and emotion, they somehow just work. And they can be of almost anything, a composition that just hits the spot, a passing glance between two people,  a heart-melting romantic moment or what I like to call an oops! moment. And here’s an example to kick off that fits in the last category pretty nicely.

Taken during Suzy & Dave’s wedding back in 2009 at The Ashton Memorial, my local and possibly favourite ceremony venue. As I recall, a slip of the tongue from Dave produced this rather memorable “Oops!”

4136561166_34f2c22fbd_oSamsung GX10, 23mm, f4.0, ISO 200, 1/40th