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There are some big changes afoot for me at the moment. I’ve been shooting weddings professionally since 2004, and this year I surpassed my 100th wedding! And I’ve loved it! Shooting weddings has renewed my own creativity and I’ve had such great couples to work with, it has been a pleasure and a blast! But now it’s time for some change.

Don’t panic though, I’m not stopping weddings altogether, and you can still contact me if you’re looking for someone for your wedding, but I will doing a few less. I have various plans, some may pan out, others may not, but the first will see me progressing into the area I probably love most of all – portraiture. I can say without doubt that shooting weddings has been directly responsible for me rediscovering how much I love capturing people’s faces. It took time to build up the confidence but it is now my favourite part of the day when I get to hunt for a really great face, a little expression, a big laugh or a small tear. And now I want to take that further.

I have been askedĀ  to exhibit some photos of local bands in a joint exhibition with another local photographer Pauline Clark. It is pretty much the first time I’ve exhibited since 1989! For my part I’m pushing myself and shooting new portraits of bands and performers away from the stage. I’ve got some nice shoots lined up, a date for the show, and I’m all set to go! Except that’s where I need your help. I’m looking to raise some money to pay for some of the costs of the exhibition, not all, just some. For a fuller explanation of the project pop over to theĀ  Crowdfunder website where you can read all about the plan and how support it. Even if you can’t invest, I’d love it if you could share it with your friends, tweet it, like it on Facebook etc. There are rewards for those who do invest, but the biggest reward will be my eternal gratitude for showing support and helping out.

Oh, and if you play in a local band, or you perform solo, and you might be interested in a shoot with me, do get in touch!