Nicola + Craig {Lancashire Wedding Photography}

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I have been really behind with my wedding editing this summer, so I think 2 people at least out there will be pretty happy to see this latest post!

Nicola and Craig married at the end of July on a day which rained for a while, then threatened more rain, then had some beautiful sunshine, before settling down to more threats of rain. Ah the joys of the English summer!

The wedding ceremony took place at St. Thomas’ Church in Garstang, Lancashire. Nicola is a primary teacher and it was just wonderful to have a choir of her school children singing as they signed the register.

Following the ceremony the guests traveled by bus to the stunning Hipping Hall just outside of Kirkby Lonsdale. Hipping Hall has to be one of my favourite wedding venues. Charming and attentive staff, a beautiful house, in gorgeous grounds with so many different backdrops for the pictures it’s hard to know where to look! The food at Hipping Hall is renowned and as a chef himself, this was an important aspect of the day for Craig.

The day continued after the wedding breakfast with another bus ride back to Craig’s own Bay Horse Inn at Forton near Lancaster, where the couple and their guests celebrated into the night.

Here’s a selection, and you can see the full set in the online gallery.

Nic.Craig-001-4973 Nic.Craig-006-4975 Nic.Craig-008-5206 Nic.Craig-009-5207 Nic.Craig-012-5209Nic.Craig-013-5210 Nic.Craig-014-4979 Nic.Craig-016-5211 Nic.Craig-019-5217 Nic.Craig-022-5223Nic.Craig-025-5227 Nic.Craig-027-5231 Nic.Craig-029-5233 Nic.Craig-032-5237 Nic.Craig-034-4983Nic.Craig-045-5242 Nic.Craig-052-4996 Nic.Craig-062-5006 Nic.Craig-065-5254 Nic.Craig-067-5256Nic.Craig-069-5260 Nic.Craig-071-5262 Nic.Craig-072-5009 Nic.Craig-080-5017 Nic.Craig-092-5278Nic.Craig-097-5021 Nic.Craig-097-5021-2 Nic.Craig-101-5286 Nic.Craig-105-5025 Nic.Craig-113-5301Nic.Craig-133-5330 Nic.Craig-134-5332 Nic.Craig-138-5336 Nic.Craig-160-5042 Nic.Craig-167-5368Nic.Craig-173-5370 Nic.Craig-185-5387 Nic.Craig-195-5398 Nic.Craig-196-5399 Nic.Craig-198-5401Nic.Craig-200-5404 Nic.Craig-201-5405 Nic.Craig-207-5411 Nic.Craig-208-5070 Nic.Craig-231-5434Nic.Craig-233-5074 Nic.Craig-248-5444 Nic.Craig-250-5446 Nic.Craig-265-5460 Nic.Craig-272-5082Nic.Craig-273-5083 Nic.Craig-274-5084 Nic.Craig-277-5467 Nic.Craig-284-5472 Nic.Craig-286-5474Nic.Craig-298-5485 Nic.Craig-303-5490 Nic.Craig-304-5491 Nic.Craig-305-5089 Nic.Craig-309-5493Nic.Craig-326-5504 Nic.Craig-347-5523 Nic.Craig-381-5556 Nic.Craig-390-5565 Nic.Craig-424-5598Nic.Craig-426-5600 Nic.Craig-442-5614 Nic.Craig-443-5615 Nic.Craig-445-5617 Nic.Craig-461-5633Nic.Craig-484-5649 Nic.Craig-490-5114 Nic.Craig-497-5657 Nic.Craig-499-5118 Nic.Craig-509-5663Nic.Craig-511-5124 Nic.Craig-544-5142 Nic.Craig-547-5681 Nic.Craig-553-5687 Nic.Craig-559-5149Nic.Craig-561-5150 Nic.Craig-579-5698 Nic.Craig-580-5159 Nic.Craig-599-5178 Nic.Craig-607-5186 Nic.Craig-612-5699 Nic.Craig-619-5195 Nic.Craig-625-5201 Nic.Craig-654-5725Nic.Craig-665-5736 Nic.Craig-682-5753 Nic.Craig-703-5209 Nic.Craig-724-5783 Nic.Craig-726-5785Nic.Craig-731-5789 Nic.Craig-736-5791 Nic.Craig-742-5797 Nic.Craig-744-5799 Nic.Craig-751-5225-Edit