My how quickly they grow up

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Yesterday was youngest son Archie’s 13th birthday. Our little fella who seemed to resist growing up for so long, in a way that his desperate-not-to-be-a-kid elder brother Stanley could never have done is now officially a teenager.

He’s had some magnificent obsessions along the way, from Thomas the Tank Engine, through King Kong, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dr. Who and now Liverpool FC. And whilst we wonder if he will ever make another youtube classic to match this…

… we can be happy that we still have it to enjoy (15,559 views at last count!).

So for his treat this year we took him for a tour of Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC where he was able to look in awe on the actual shirt worn by Fernando Torres, sit in the players actual changing room, walk around the actual stadium and spend all his actual money in the gift shop afterwards.
Surely this was boy heaven!

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