Morecambe Faces: HOWARD ROGERSON


“An encourager, an enabler, an enthusiast, soft-toned, kind and gentle”

Howard Rogerson, 2020

Born in Morley, Yorkshire, the birthplace of Ernie Wise, Howard spent many of his early years visiting relatives in the home town of Ernie’s showbiz partner Eric Morecambe until after retirement when he and his wife purchased and moved into his last remaining relatives’ house in Morecambe. A house and garden where Howard and his brother played as children, and where he has very many happy childhood memories of
Morecambe’s great days in the ‘50s.

Howard is a retired professional clarinettist, teacher and now working orchestral conductor and director of the Promenade Concert Orchestra which he founded in 2007 in Morecambe.

He describes himself as “an encourager, an enabler, an enthusiast, soft-toned, kind and gentle”, and Morecambe as “a great place to live, with access to so much of life’s needs”. Though he would like to see
more investment, employment, improved housing, the Eden Project, continued support for the arts and entertainment sector and a greater recognition of what a great place Morecambe is. “It’s an artisan city and
district he says, with “30 villages, coastline and countryside and 2000 years of history” that he would love to see spoken more inclusively of by the City Council.

As for his fears, Howard talks of “exploitation of property investment making it even more difficult for first-time buyers as property prices increase, overcrowding the town, creating pollution and environmental

N.B. As I photograph and talk to each participant, I ask them to suggest someone else for me to photograph.

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