Leading Lines

Another image today in my ‘Moments‘ series.
I have a fondness at weddings during the reception part of the day for hiding behind folk and shooting over their shoulders. Firstly of course, it allows me to keep out of sight a moment or two longer, and lets me observe things in my preferred candid style, but I confess I also love the strong compositions that it allows me to create. A gents dark suit can offer a lovely balance for lighter elements in a scene as well as allowing me to obscure unwanted elements.
Here’s a shot from Caroline & Darren’s wedding back in 2012 in which the composition may be a bit too bold for some, but for me personally it’s one that I love. All lines seem to lead me back to the twinkle in the eye of the central figure – we are drawn immediately to the face, then out along to the left by the hairline and back in again by the jacket and across to the left, then back in towards the eye by the curve of the lady’s hat.


Pentax K5, 50mm, f1.4, ISO 800, 1/500th