Kinda cool

I’ve been seeing this old Billboard lately as I’ve been driving around the Lancaster one-way and became increasing beguiled by it.
The local paper reported on it being uncovered by bill posters a few months back and it’s quite surprising it hasn’t already been pasted over with something new.
I couldn’t say for sure when it dates back to but I’m guessing sometime in the 70’s from the style of the car.

Let’s just file it away under “kinda Cool”.

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5 Replies to “Kinda cool”

  1. If it is from the same vintage as this, and by the shape of the car and the tag line, I’d say we were pretty close, then, according to McLellan’s Automotive Literature it would be 1971. Isn’t the internet wonderful, or time consuming, or full of useless information.

  2. And there was me thinking it was some trendy retro poster that was right up to the minute modern …

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