The pretty hand-crafted country vintage Boho wedding of Katie & Lee

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Hello I’m Carol, the new guest blogger for Beanphoto. As Mrs Beanphoto I share the delight of helping Mr Beanphoto edit your glorious pictures, often doing the first edit or selection. This gives Mr Beanphoto a chance to rest his eyes after an average 10 hour wedding and allows me the pleasure of snooping on all your weddings or portrait shoots! Not in a weird stalking type of way but in the ‘cat’s that’s got the cream’ warm & cuddly type of way! There’s nothing lovelier than seeing all the love, fun  and happiness of your day come to life in your photos and I feel like I’m a very lucky guest re-visiting each and every moment.


Since Mr Beanphoto launched his photography business full time a year ago he’s been a very busy man. Busy taking photographs and editing your stunning collections to keep. Busy building his own portfolio of work, having exhibitions, being shortlisted for professional Photographer of the Year! Busy working on commissions, running workshops, answering all your enquiries, maintaining his website and all the other rather more dull aspects of running a business. As such he hasn’t had chance to share with you some of the best of his work  from the last six months. Perhaps too he may be a little shy about blowing his own trumpet, but as a co-worker, wife and colleague in the wedding industry ( I’m co- owner of a vintage china hire and vintage styling business:, fellow wedding enthusiast and follower of the best of the wedding blogs, I don’t share his reservations. Beautiful photos of beautiful days speak for themselves. Mr Beanphoto uniquely captures the minutia of your day in an unobtrusive and fun way, showing his eye for the quirky and creative. You won’t find images trying to be something they’re not: fashion shoots or wind swept ‘Hero’ poses with couples stood atop mountains looking out into a dreamy distance. His pictures are authentic and human, with family and love at their heart. I’m not embarrassed to say that his photos of your weddings and special days have often made me shed a tear. If a man can move his wife to tears (in the best possible way) he can’t be doing a bad job.


These photos I’ve selected from the wonderfully pretty wedding of Katie and Lee that took place in North Yorkshire last August. With a wedding ceremony in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate and a wedding celebration in a private field in Spofforth, a little village nearby, Katie and Lee were able to share something truly special with each other, their children and loved ones. With fun and family very much at the heart of their celebration, and blessed with good weather, they enjoyed a Boho styled country wedding, with touches of vintage and heaps of DIY crafting. Combine tons of style,  lots of children and wonderful entertainment including a ceilidh, and it was a photographers dream! Katie had obviously worked really hard in  handcrafting so many details, including all her hand made bunting, and as a stylist I love all the finishing details. Mr Beanphoto loved photographing this day and cleverly captured the feeling of intimacy and informality of this relaxed and fun wedding. And boy don’t Katie and Lee look happy together?