Julia & Gary’s Lancaster – Hornby wedding

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Julia and Gary were married last month on one of the rare days of sunshine we seemed to have! Their request was for a very informal approach to recording their day to avoid the photography taking over – all fine by me as that is exactly how I like to shoot my weddings! Gary had been away working for much of the run up to the wedding, so Julia had made all the arrangements and added some lovely home made DIY touches – the kind of things that really make a wedding personal.

The day began for me at The Castle Inn at Hornby, a lovely Lancashire wedding wedding venue, tucked away in the beautiful Lune Valley, opposite Hornby Castle. It’s a place I’m quite familiar with having shot some wedding publicity shots there for Itsy Bitsy Vintage last year. Julia and the girls were getting ready in one of the Inn’s fabulously decorative bedrooms (love those chandeliers!) and having a lot of fun.

The ceremony was held at Christchurch in Lancaster, and nice for me as Phil, the vicar there, is someone I’d photographed only recently for a family portrait shoot! Christchurch likes to respect the ceremony with a no photos rule, so I sat it out quietly at the back, but I hope they won’t mind that I sneaked a few quiet shots in! Some group shots and portraits in the church grounds and then we were whizzing back to Hornby for a lovely laid back reception, and a gentle wander around the village for some couple shots. My day finished following the speeches.

Here’s some of my favourites…

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