Judith’s Lancaster postcard portrait shoot

Judith asked me about doing a portrait shoot when she was back visiting Lancaster from her home in Germany. Having spent some years in Lancaster previously, she said she wanted some picture of herself in the city she loved. My portrait shoots are between 60-90 minutes, so I usually agree one location for the whole shoot. However, for this shoot I really wanted to do a kind of ‘Postcard from Lancaster’, take Judith on a whirlwind shoot around the city snapping in some of her (and my) favourite locations, and make reference to Judith being a bit of a fab dancer!

I worked out a pretty tight schedule starting at the Ashton Memorial in Williamson’s park, and ending at Lancaster Castle. Along the way we stopped at the Temple Shelter, Lancaster Town Hall and the Queen Victoria statue in Dalton Square, and The Storey. And it was a lot of fun!

Here’ a few fave’s…

Lancaster postcard portrait shoot 1Lancaster postcard portrait shoot 2Lancaster postcard portrait shoot 3Lancaster postcard portrait shoot 4Lancaster postcard portrait shoot 5

If you are interested in having a portrait shoot too, and would like some more details, please get in touch!