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I’ve been a book person most of my life. I love books. Even whilst I was completing my Photography Degree I was working part-time in a book shop (in Muswell Hill), and afterwards, when I was struggling to get started as a Photographer, I was sidetracked, and spent 15 years working as a Bookseller, in various art galleries and high street stores in London, Brighton, Cardiff, Peterborough and Lancaster, then later I started my own business, Hardback Hotel, selling collectible First Editions, and from 2003-2012 I worked at Lancaster Literature Festival. Oh, yes I’ve done my book time people!
And along the way I’ve had opportunity to photograph quite a few writers.
I get a special buzz though when my photos appear on book jackets, and this year I’m delighted to say I have two!!
First up is Rosie Garland’s “Vixen”, which was published earlier this summer by HarperCollins. I photographed Rosie some years back when she was working on a Flax publication for Litfest, and it’s one of those shots that her agent chose to licence from me for the cover.

Rosie Garland - Vixen
It was a slightly different process for Carys Davies new short story collection “The Redemption of Galen Pike” (published next month by Salt Publishing). Carys, a Lancaster writer, called me up to ask if I could update her profile shots, as she had a new book coming out in the autumn and would likely need photos for publicity. As it turned out, it was one of these shots that was selected for the jacket.

Carys Book Jacket