Caroline & Darren’s Lancaster Priory/Ashton Hall wedding

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I’m somewhat catching up on my blogging right now so bear with me if I go a bit out of chronological order for a while! Caroline & Darren were such a great couple, laid back and relaxed enough to let me just do what I do. It takes some trust but I love it when clients give me that freedom and it is always my preferred way of working. I also absolutely believe that it results in the best pictures. The wedding couple can be under a load of pressure on the big day and not having to think about the photographer is a really good way to ease some of that pressure.
For more on this see below… Caroline & Darren married at Lancaster’s beautiful Priory, adjacent to Lancaster Castle in the lovely old quarter of town. My day began in very relaxed style at Caroline’s parents home as she and her girlfriends got themselves ready. After the service, we let the guests head off to the reception and stayed back to get some couple portraits both in and outside the Priory. Then it was off to the fabulous Ashton Hall (better known as Lancaster Golf Club) for an evening in the company of a rather wonderful brass band performing Christmas Carols and an amazing amazing (yes I did say that twice!) cake made of Cheese! It was also Caroline’s birthday, so an excuse to have a second cake too! A beautiful day, and a lovely, lovely couple. 2013-02-03_0001 2013-02-12_0001 2013-02-12_00042013-02-12_0005 2013-02-12_0006 2013-02-12_0007 2013-02-12_0008 2013-02-12_00092013-02-12_0010 2013-02-12_0011 2013-02-12_0012 2013-02-12_0013 2013-02-12_00142013-02-05_0001 2013-02-12_0015 2013-02-12_0016 2013-02-12_0017 2013-02-12_00182013-02-12_0019 2013-02-12_0020 2013-02-12_0021 2013-02-12_0022 2013-02-12_00232013-02-12_0024 2013-02-12_0025 2013-02-12_0026 2013-02-12_0027 2013-02-12_00282013-02-12_0029 2013-02-12_0030 2013-02-12_0031 2013-02-12_0032 2013-02-12_0033 The stunning flowers were by Abi of Abi’s Arrangements I meet with a lot of clients at this time of  year and I’m constantly reminded of all the fears that people have both in being photographed and in particular when they opt for a photo-journalistic style wedding photographer Fear #1: I look awful in photographs. Everybody’s number one fear! We all seem to hate pictures of ourselves! When I talk to people about this though, it seems it is often the fear of having a camera pointing at them, that makes them freeze. So opting for a more candid and natural style of photography is a really good way to avoid this. I like to tell couple to ignore me as much as they can, not to look at the camera unless I ask them, and concentrate on each other not me! And if you are really nervous about it, why not book an engagement photo shoot and get some practice before the big day! Fear #2: How will you know what to photograph? It sounds strange but yes clients do often worry that ‘going natural’ is leaving everything to chance, that the photographer will miss the important parts of the day, or the important guests and family members. This is where the trust bit comes in, and is one of the very good reasons why I would not advocate getting a friend or relative to take your photos for you. I have been photographing weddings professionally for 9 years covering more than 100 weddings. With that kind of experience you can be reassured I know pretty well how a wedding day unfolds, what to look for and when things are likely to happen. But it also means I am free to respond to things as they happen, and am well placed to catch the lovely little unscripted moments that make your day really unique. Fear #3: I’m afraid you’ll miss important things and people. This really comes down to meeting beforehand and discussing what are the important part of the day, the key people and the key people. Clear guidelines and some trust in your professional photographer will give you the results you hope for and more. Fear #4: I won’t get any group shots. Love them or hate them group shots remain a feature of most weddings. My style is modern candid. This does not mean I won’t take your group shots. Of course I will! But I recommend keeping your group shots list fairly short, and we can do them pretty quickly and creatively. No bored faces! Don’t forget, may small groups may be caught informally too. Good advanced planning and good communication with your photographer will always pay off. ______________________ Family and friends of the happy couple can view the full set of pictures and purchase prints at Caroline & Darren’s wedding gallery (password required).