Bombs Per Minute at Mintfest 2010

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What fun! On Thursday this week the Family Bean went to Westmorland Showground to see Bombs Per Minute – the opening act of Mintfest 2010. It took a good deal of persuasion to get The Incredible Sulk (eldest son) to come along too, but agreeing to take girlfriend along finally swung things in our favour. Unfortunately, being something of a middle aged numbskull, I forgot that made 5 people in total and only had enough entry money for 4 (doh!). At this point I’ll cut things short and refer you all back to last weeks “Word of the Week” and move swiftly on! Luckily, on my way back to sit the event out in the car whilst the young ‘uns watched from up close, I glimpsed a friendly face! (Hi Richard!), cadged a couple of quid, and we were in! Yay! and boy was it good. If you’ve not seen or heard of them – how do I describe them? Fireworks – yes lots of fireworks, but like the best fireworks ever, on the stage, in the sky, on scaffolding, hand-held, shooting off in all directions, and Music too – but fantastic, pounding tub-thumping, and axel grinding industrial grunge music. And synchronised!
At this point I should probably apologise to anyone who was stood near us at the time who  may be thinking that wasn’t what they saw, that they paid £2 just to watch The Sulk +1 snog all night! Apparently, he says he did watch it, it was “yeah, pretty good, really” but there was little evidence to back it up.
Anyway, that was a very long way of saying, “it was actually pretty damn good really” and if you get the chance again, don’t think twice – go see it! Oh yes, and here’s a few pretty pictures. some by me, some by other Beans – I forget which!

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