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Bloggers Calendar 2015.pdfAnyone who visits my site regularly will have noticed that my blogging kind of goes in fits and spurts, nothing for months then a whole load in a short spell, sometimes it’s because I’m just too overloaded with wediting (wedding editing!) too find the time, at other times it’s because it’s sometimes easy to think I’ll leave it for another day, and then sometimes it’s because I just can’t find the inspiration. I know the principle that consistency is better but…

Well it seems that this is a common occurrence, and so, the lovely Jane Binnion, Social media and ethical sales trainer, has come up with a 2015 Bloggers Calendar to help people plan and find inspiration for blogging more regularly. Along with some other of her creative pals, Jane asked me if I could provide an image for one of the months (I’m Mr April!)

Well today, I got my copy of the full calendar, and I’m hoping to put it to good use in planning my blogging output for next year. It’s a simple idea based around setting small targets regularly alongside reminders that images and writing go well together.

If you’re interested, you can get your own copy from Jane at