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Pictures from #BIGDANCE will be available very soon. Check out the gallery page to view and download the low-res shareable files, or to purchase hi-res files for making your own (logo-free) prints.


Calling all Lancaster area Dancers! However you choose to move to your groove, be it ballroom, tap, morris, jive, ballet, roller disco, the jitterbug or whatever else floats your particular dance boat, and regardless of your ability level, size, age, gender or any other differentiating factors!… I am teaming up in late January 2014 with Typical Type – the makers and hirers of these fabulous 6 foot tall illuminated letters for a #BIGDANCE afternoon drop-in photoshoot… Join the Facebook event page here!

The shoot will be taking place in the Music Room at The Storey, Lancaster on Weds January 22nd 2014, and if you would like the chance to strut your funky stuff in front of these fab, fab letters, and be photographed doing it*, then we would love to hear from you and get you involved.

I’d love for dancers of all ages, sizes and of any style to come along for just a few minutes, in full dance dress!

Plus!! Those lovely people at The Vintage Boudoir will be on hand providing some gorgeous dresses for those who wanted to dance in full on vintage style!!

If you’d like to take part and have some fun, then please leave a comment or pop over to my facebook page, hit the like button and send me a message with a little info about yourself and your dance style. I’ll message you back with full details. And do please share this post with friends and anyone you think may be interested!


*low-res, watermarked photos will be available free to all who take part, and hi-res files or prints can be purchased via an online gallery from as little as £5 each.