Morecambe Faces: Aronne Vettese


All Morecambe needs is self-belief.”

Aronne Vettese, 2019

So says Aronne Vettese, or “Tony” as he is happy to be called. Aronne lives and works in Morecambe. He owns and runs The Old Pier Bookshop, a heaven for secondhand book lovers everywhere It’s sited on the seafront, opposite what was once the site of the Central Pier.

One of Tony’s favourite recollections is of watching the Moby Dick* bobbing about in the bay during a storm, being lit up by lightning and a few years later watching it burn down.

When asked of his hopes for the towns’ future he talks of looking forward to the arrival of Eden North and of more sunsets, he is after all supremely located to enjoy them and closing time is often dictated by the changing sunset time. “All Morecambe needs is self-belief” he says

*The Moby Dick, was originally called The Ryelands, it was a ship built in 1887 which fell into the hands of the Film Industry. In 1950 it appeared in “Treasure Island” and in 1956 was used in the film “Moby Dick”. It later appeared in the TV series “The Buccaneers” and finally came to rest in Morecambe as a floating exhibit. It was destroyed by fire in Morecambe in 1970.

The Old Pier Bookshop can be found at 287 Marine Rd Central, Morecambe LA4 5BY

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