Alex & Joanne’s Booky Lancaster Wedding

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In April, for Alex & Joanne’s wedding, I revisited two of my very favourite Lancaster Wedding photography venues – The Ashton Memorial and Forrest Hills. In fact, as a wedding venue combo, these two are by far my most popular choice for 2016-17 bookings. It’s not hard to see why. The Ashton Memorial in Williamson’s Park overlooks the city and Morecambe Bay, it’s a spectacular building with equally spectacular views which always wow guests. Whilst Forrest Hills is a wonderfully kooky, hobbit-house like building set by a lake in beautiful green fields, tucked away in the countryside just a few miles from the city centre.

This visit was for Alex and Joanne’s wedding. Their lovely invites give a clear idea of the theme for the day… books! And having been a Bookshop Manager myself for many years, this was right up my street!


A special thank you goes to these guys for giving me one of my finest wedding moments as I was on the balcony of the Ashton Memorial preparing for the big group shot, looking out across the views over the bay, and this song started playing over the sound system. “Northern Sky” by Nick Drake was a song from my own wedding back in 2005. It’s Mrs Beanphoto’s favourite song ever, I bloody love it too! And it appears in one of my favourite films (“Serendipity” – yes I’m a Rom-Com softie!)

Actually the music was pretty damn good all day, The Cure being another big fave of mine, it was great to hear several of their classics, and the dub reggae blasting out of the Disco shed in the evening took me right back to my student days living in a flat above a cellar where a dub reggae band practiced twice a week – ace!

Here’s a preview of how the day went… it was great!! (click the image to see more).

 Joanne & Alex

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