Wow! These are weird times. Who would have thought we’d spend 2 years hearing about little other than Brexit, only to leave the EU at the end of January and then barely hear it mentioned again as the world goes into coronavirus lockdown, the news channels talk about nothing else and we all find ourselves self-isolating? Crazy!

For me, my home is my office, but of course, most of my work takes place outside the home – weddings, festivals, events, on-location portraits etc, so it’s meant that my photography work has pretty much disappeared. I’m not getting outdoors much (lockdown coincided with me somehow pulling a muscle in my back). Weddings are being postponed, events cancelled, commissions put on hold, and still no end yet in sight. I’m sure it will be a similar story for many of you reading this. I’ve spoken to several of my photography colleagues about this recently and find, unsurprisingly, that we’re all in the same boat, so I can’t really complain too much.

So what does a photographer do when he can’t go outside to work, but he still needs to earn a living?

Well, I still have a couple of albums to complete from last year’s wedding season, and I always love doing those, and if any of my past clients are thinking about ordering a wedding album, now is a pretty good time to get in touch!

I’m still booking weddings for late summer 2020 onwards, and I also have an exhibition to work on. Slingfilm was scheduled to open in May 2020 at Morecambe’s wonderful White Elephant Gallery. It’s a look at the ephemeral nature of snapshot photography, through found photos and cine films. I’m pretty sure that date will be moved back as we’re still likely to be in lockdown, but it gives me time to prepare and look forward to it.

I was already partway through a new “Independent Morecambe” commission for Morecambe BID, when the lockdown began, so I will be picking up where I left off on that as soon as possible. And I’m working on a personal project – Morecambe Faces explores what local people think of Morecambe past present and future. For now, that means collecting stories and reminiscences from potential subjects, and planning shoots with them for later. If you have anyone you’d like to nominate to be a part of the project, just get in touch.

I’ll also hopefully be delving into my vast back catalogue to add more items to my online shop, and hopefully creating some new collage works to add to the shop too.

Hopefully, things will begin to return to normal before too long, and we’ll all have made it to the other side. I’m hoping some of the less attractive ills of the world will get a bit of a reboot. I think we’ll all value the connections we have with our friends and family more, and I think we’ll have a lot more respect for the jobs we all do. I think the value we have for the arts and culture will increase – it’s been interesting to see how the value of creativity for good mental health during lockdown is in opposition to the importance it receives from those who decide the school curriculum.

I look forward to snapping you all when we get through this!

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