Johnny Bean as Monsieur L'Haricot Johnny Bean as Pumpkinhead   Johnny Bean (Photo by Philip Black) 

I’m a Photographer. And I’m all about photography. It’s my passion. I live in sunny Morecambe by the sea, with my wife Carol, our 2 boys, our shaggy dog Toby and ‘rubbish’ cat Mojo. I shoot all across the North West, sometimes even further. I’ve been with Carol since we were both teenagers, but it was a full 25 years before we got around to tying the knot! I’m a happy, upbeat chap, I like people, I’m a little camera obsessed, something of a bookworm, a bit of a bargain-hunter and I enjoy a bit of fun. If you need proof of that just take a look at the above pics of me!

I did my Photography Degree in London back in the 80’s, then sidestepped and wound up working in bookshops for the next 20 or so years! In 2004 I set up Beanphoto and spent 10 great years juggling work part-time between the Lancaster Literature Festival (Litfest) and my photography work, till I was made redundant and decided to go full-time. 30 years ago. I’m also a founder member of the Morecambe Artist Colony, a group of like-minded creatives hell-bent on regenerating our #FantasticMorecambe through art!

Our paths are never straight, but all the more interesting for it!

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