A Rather Special Birthday

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60th Birthday Portrait by Beanphoto

Back at the end of May, I was asked if I could take some photo’s of Ian’s 60th birthday family get together. 4 generations of the family, ranging from his mum to his grandchildren, were enjoying a stay at the very lovely Lindeth Howe Hotel in the Lake District and his family thought it would be a lovely idea to record a part of the day whilst they were all together. So all chipped in to pay for the 1 hour session and a coffee table book of selected photos from the day. It was a lovely, and very sunny day, with the usual initial stiffness and nervousness, melting away into a casual and relaxed session. The stunning grounds at Lindeth Howe offering  a great variety of backdrops. We managed to fit in some individual portraits of Ian, then a whole range of shots with various and indeed all members of the family. By the end, everyone was enjoying it so much it was hard to call time!

Ian and family were delighted with the results. After much deliberation, Ian recently finished his selection for the book and here it is.

For anyone interested in booking me for a similar shoot, please take a look at my portraiture page for details, or contact me now!
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