A New Home, and another ‘Moment’

So the Bean family upped and moved house this last week, all the way from Lancaster to Morecambe (by the sea!). Not very far in the scheme of things (about 8 miles) but enough to have created a lot of upheaval. We’re just about recovering from lugging boxes and beds, and tables and shelves etc etc to and fro, decluttering, reorganising and all that kind of thing. I had a¬†delightful interruption in the midst of all this on Saturday in the form of Verity and Martyn’s magical and unique wedding, at the Midland Hotel (now just a 10 minute walk away!) and then it was back to the unpacking.

After more years than I care to remember spent working off dining room tables and bedroom desks, I now have an office Рyes an actual Beanphoto HQ!! I may even share some pictures when I get it sorted!

I’m back to the wediting today, and to mark the occasion, here’s a lovely shot for my ‘Moments’ series.

It’s from Scott & Lucy’s wedding at Sedbergh, back in May, and I love it! The taking of the signing of the register photo is not one of my favourite things, as all too often I’m directed by the officiator to step up and do a more posed shot, but here I was left to my own devices. I’d spotted the statue at the back of the annex already but when Scott angled his head to watch new wife Lucy sign the register, it fell beautifully into place.


Pentax K5, Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens, 1/125th Sec at f2, ISO 2200