A beautiful wintery portrait shoot at the Crook O’ lune

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It seems a liitle hard to believeĀ  but I’ve been waiting around two years to do this portrait shoot with Jenni & Marc!
Jenni booked me for her wedding to Marc back in 2008, and the deal included a pre-wedding portrait shoot, which sadly was postponed early on because of the difficulty in finding a time when we were all available! Marc works offshore and is only back for short periods. Then I almost missed the wedding itself after sustaining a knee injury! I made it for half the day, arranging for a colleague to shoot the second half! Later attempts to find a spot in our busy calendars were hampered by bouts of illness and then both Jenni and myself losing close family members. In the interim, baby Daniel arrived to Jenni and Marc and we decided to wait a while till daniel was a little older.
So, last week we finally made it, and it was well and truly worth the wait. The Crook O’ Lune was Jenni’s choice, a fave spot for walking with their dog Radley, and with the recent cold spell, was looking stunning. Here’s a few faves from the shoot…

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