2 quite different jobs

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Yesterday I had 2 quite different jobs on, which was really rather nice – I like a bit of variety! It was also a chance to try out my new backup camera.
First up was a portrait shoot (head and shoulders) of local Green Party councillor Andrew Kay. I’d previously shot Andrew a few years back when he was first standing for election and it was time for an update.

In the afternoon, I was out again, this time to take some record shots of an incredible piece of art by local artist Carole Hunt. Carole had put a call out for people to send in photos or recommendations for “Inspiring Women” to comemmorate International Women’s Day, and from the photos, she has stictched together a dress made of the photographs. It’s a beautiful piece and quite lovely to photograph and spend some time with. It’s on show at The Gregson Centre in Lancaster until the end of this month, so I do recommend you take a look.
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