Greeting Cards – Trade Orders

All my greeting cards are 5″ x 5″ square, with genuine photographic prints on acid free card, plus envelope in polythene sleeve. Cards are blank inside and rubber stamped on reverse with “Beanphoto” and a vintage camera logo. All photos are by myself except for the ‘vintage’ 1960’s images which are all by my father Gerald Bean (or as stated). Hand colouring is by myself.

Terms and conditions of order: Trade Orders are supplied Firm Sale:

  • Firm Sale at £1.25 per card (payment with order is required on all Firm Sale orders). Firm sale orders can be placed and paid for on this page. Please give full delivery details/instructions on the checkout page. P&P is just £1 on all orders.

Click ADD TO CART to select an item, the updated shopping cart can then be viewed at the bottom of the page where quantities can be amended before finalising your order and proceeding to checkout. Checkout is made via paypal. If you prefer to pay by invoice, please email your order to


 A1  Argue  Ash1  Ash2  Barn  bb1
A1 [wp_cart:A1:price:1.25:end] Argue [wp_cart:Argue:price:1.25:end] Ash1[wp_cart:Ash1:price:1.25:end] Ash2 [wp_cart:Ash2:price:1.25:end] Barn  [wp_cart:Barn:price:1.25:end] BB1 [wp_cart:BB1:price:1.25:end]
 bb2  BillDog  bridge  Bronte  cabcar  Corm1
BB2 [wp_cart:BB2:price:1.25:end] Billdog [wp_cart:Billdog:price:1.25:end] Bridge [wp_cart:Bridge:price:1.25:end] Bronte [wp_cart:Bronte:price:1.25:end] Cabcar [wp_cart:Cabcar:price:1.25:end] Corm1 [wp_cart:Corm1:price:1.25:end]
 Verity & Martyn's unique and very individual wedding  daffcam  Dance  Deck  delicate  doddy
Corm2 [wp_cart:Corm2:price:1.25:end] Daffcam [wp_cart:Daffcam:price:1.25:end] Dance [wp_cart:Dance:price:1.25:end] Deck [wp_cart:Deck:price:1.25:end] Delicate [wp_cart:Delicate:price:1.25:end] Doddy [wp_cart:Doddy:price:1.25:end]
 dogwalk  Dreamer  fair  Fame  Styled teepee wedding shoot for Teepee Tent Hire and Itsy Bitsy Vintage  hair
Dogwalk [wp_cart:Dogwalk:price:1.25:end] Dreamer [wp_cart:Dreamer:price:1.25:end] Fair [wp_cart:Fair:price:1.25:end] Fame [wp_cart:Fame:price:1.25:end] Glitter [wp_cart:Glitter:price:1.25:end] Hair [wp_cart:Hair:price:1.25:end]
 headlights  hegley  horse  ibv1  ibv2  ibv3
Headlights [wp_cart:Headlights:price:1.25:end] Hegley [wp_cart:Hegley:price:1.25:end] Horse [wp_cart:Horse:price:1.25:end] IBV1 [wp_cart:IBV1:price:1.25:end] IBV2 [wp_cart:IBV2:price:1.25:end] IBV3 [wp_cart:IBV3:price:1.25:end]
 ices  jug  juggler  katy  kiss  kite
Ices [wp_cart:Ices:price:1.25:end] Jug [wp_cart:Jug:price:1.25:end] Juggler [wp_cart:Juggler:price:1.25:end] Katy [wp_cart:Katy:price:1.25:end] Kiss  [wp_cart:Kiss:price:1.25:end] Kite1  [wp_cart:Kite1:price:1.25:end]
 kite2  Lancaster City Shoot  LC  lick  littlelove  love
Kite2 [wp_cart:Kite2:price:1.25:end] LB [wp_cart:LB:price:1.25:end] LC [wp_cart:LC:price:1.25:end] Lick [wp_cart:Lick:price:1.25:end] Litlove [wp_cart:Litlove:price:1.25:end] LOVE [wp_cart:LOVE:price:1.25:end]
 lover  mid1  mid2  mid3  mid4  Verity & Martyn's unique and very individual wedding
Lover [wp_cart:Lover:price:1.25:end] Mid1 [wp_cart:Mid1:price:1.25:end] Mid2 [wp_cart:Mid2:price:1.25:end] Mid3 [wp_cart:Mid3:price:1.25:end] Mid4 [wp_cart:Mid4:price:1.25:end] Mid5 [wp_cart:Mid5:price:1.25:end]
 midfish  Midnight  moonshine  out  pier  Portrait
Midfish  [wp_cart:Midfish:price:1.25:end] Midnight  [wp_cart:Midnight:price:1.25:end] Moonshine  [wp_cart:Moonshine:price:1.25:end] Out [wp_cart:Out:price:1.25:end] Pier [wp_cart:Pier:price:1.25:end] Portrait  [wp_cart:Portrait:price:1.25:end]
 rollei  shabbyh  r  silv  singer  skyheart
Rollei [wp_cart:Rollei:price:1.25:end] Shabbyh [wp_cart:Shabbyh:price:1.25:end] Shady [wp_cart:Shady:price:1.25:end] Silv [wp_cart:Silv:price:1.25:end] Singer  [wp_cart:Singer:price:1.25:end] Skyheart  [wp_cart:Skyheart:price:1.25:end]
 sock  spider  splashbw  splashhc  stepbw  stephc
Sock [wp_cart:Sock:price:1.25:end] Spider [wp_cart:Spider:price:1.25:end] Splashbw [wp_cart:Splashbw:price:1.25:end] Splashhc [wp_cart:Splashhc:price:1.25:end] Stepbw [wp_cart:Stepbw:price:1.25:end] Stephc [wp_cart:Stephc:price:1.25:end]
 Stones  sund  sw1  sw2  sw3  sw4
Stones [wp_cart:Stones:price:1.25:end] Sund [wp_cart:Sund:price:1.25:end] SW1 [wp_cart:SW1:price:1.25:end] SW2 [wp_cart:SW2:price:1.25:end] SW3[wp_cart:SW3:price:1.25:end] SW4 [wp_cart:SW4:price:1.25:end]
 sw5  sw6  sw7  SW8  Sunshine  target
SW5 [wp_cart:SW5:price:1.25:end] SW6 [wp_cart:SW6:price:1.25:end] SW7  [wp_cart:SW7:price:1.25:end] SW8  [wp_cart:SW8:price:1.25:end] Sunshine [wp_cart:Sunshine:price:1.25:end] Target[wp_cart:Target:price:1.25:end]
 tea  type  vulcan  whistle  whitehand  wireheart
Tea [wp_cart:Tea:price:1.25:end] Type  [wp_cart:Type:price:1.25:end] Vulcan  [wp_cart:Vulcan:price:1.25:end] Whistle  [wp_cart:Whistle:price:1.25:end] Whitehand  [wp_cart:Whitehand:price:1.25:end] Wireheart [wp_cart:Wireheart:price:1.25:end]