Family History Photography and Photo Restoration


Family History Photography

Researching your family history has become a very popular activity in recent years (I know, I’m hooked myself, having in a short space of time traced the Bean family back to 16th Century Yorkshire!).

The internet and easy access to public records, parish registers and the like, along with TV programmes like Who Do You Think You Are? are bringing family history to life for millions.

We can easily trace the church or chapel in which our ancestors were baptised, married and buried. And we can discover from census returns the house, street, city, village or hamlet that our ancestors were born, lived and died in. We know the names of the schools they attended, the factories, mills, shipyards and offices that they worked in. But wouldn’t you like to actually SEE what those places looked like? A picture can truly be worth a thousand words when you are researching your ancestors who lived hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you live now. Wouldn’t a photo of that house, church, workplace or gravestone bring your records to life?

My family history photography service hopes to do just that for you. I am based in the North West of the UK, Lancaster, Lancashire to be exact, but in close proximity to Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and The Midlands.

Send me the details of the piece of your history you would love to have a photograph of, it could the house they lived in, a blue plaque, the school they attended, the chapel, registry office or church they were married in, the cemetery they were laid to rest in, the headstone on their grave, The factory, mill or any other place of work and I will research, visit and photograph the location for you and supply hi-resolution image files to you, for printing or web use.

The cost for the service will be dependent upon the time involved in researching and travelling to the location, so please contact me for a quote.

Photo Restoration Service

What if you have your old family photos, but they are looking a little sad, torn, scratched or faded?

steptoe-webModern technology and keen retouching skills make it possible to repair many of these issues and create new digital negatives for clean reproduction and future preservation.

For a fee starting at £25 per photo I can restore your treasured photos for the next generations to enjoy.
For larger jobs like the hand-colouring example shown here, where the photo is taken from an old black and white photo to a colour image file I charge up to £50.