I get asked a great many questions so this is an attempt at answering those most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any other questions, please use the Contact page to get in touch.

How would you describe your style? Things have moved on from the days of stuffy, posed photos of old, and have become a lot more natural and relaxed. There are lots of terms around like “wedding photojournalism”, “documentary” and “reportage”, which all basically mean the same thing – natural, candid and unposed, with minimal intervention from the photographer, catching the day as it unfolds really. And that is pretty much how I like to work, but I do also like to get involved, so I won’t be a total wallflower quietly hiding in the background like a photo sniper!

What equipment do you use? I have been shooting with Pentax systems since my very first film SLR in the 70’s and some things just stick I guess. But these days it’s high-end digital slr’s (DSLR’s), the film cameras only come out by special request!

What is digital editing? There is a world of difference between pictures straight out of the camera (SOOC) and those that have been carefully edited. Editing is not all about airbrushing blemishes away, it’s about cropping, colour balancing and imparting a personal style. I will expect to spend at least as much time editing (probably a lot more!) than I do shooting, in order to get your images how I want them to look.

How long before I see my pics? It takes time to edit your pictures to completion, so it will usually be around 6 weeks to get the full set, though I will often sneak peak a few on my blog and on facebook! In the busy summer months it can sometimes be 3 weeks before I even get started, but I’ll keep you advised.

How long does it take to produce my storybook? If you have ordered a storybook up front, I will contact you shortly after you receive your photos to explain the process in full, but generally, a book can take up to 3 months from the time you inform me of your favourites. When the design is done, it will be sent to you for approval, and when approved, is sent to print. It should then be with you in around 3 weeks.

Why so long? Each book is individually designed and laid out to reflect your day and your preferences. We will often look at scanning your invitations and other personal touches, sometimes I will include favourite photos taken by friends and family too. This all takes time, but it’s worth it!

How many pictures will I get of my wedding? On an average wedding, you can expect your gallery to contain around 350-500 images. Your book will normally contain around 150 images.

What is the difference between low-res and hi-res? Hi-Resolution (hi-res) images are large files suitable for making photographic prints and enlargements, but are unsuitable for emailing or sharing on Facebook etc. All my hi-res files will be in 300dpi resolution. Low-Resolution (lo-res) images are specially condensed versions, optimized for web use (at 72dpi), and are suitable for sharing via email, Facebook etc, but are not suitable for making prints.

• If I book you for x number of hours and things run a bit late on the day, will you stay a bit longer? I understand from experience that things can occasionally go off plan (weather, traffic etc), and if that happens I won’t disappear just because my time is up. I’m more than happy to stick around for a while to get the important action, but if things are really behind (an hour or more) or you just decide you’d like me to stay on longer on the day, I reserve the right to make a charge.

I’m interested in booking you for my wedding, but would like to meet you first, can we do that? Of course! I like to meet all my potential clients before booking. I understand you are looking around to find the photographer who is right for you, and a meeting is the best way to see my work and find out if we are all going to get on!

How far do you travel? I’m based in Lancaster and I travel throughout Lancashire and Cumbria and the surrounding area mostly, but I’m open to travelling most places so do please ask. I have a base in Nottingham too, so I’m happy to do weddings in Nottinghamshire, The Vale of Belvoir, Rutland and the surrounding areas.

Do you work alone? For the most part yes I do work alone, I like it that way and it’s easier to keep that unobtrusive feel, but occasionally I will ask if it’s ok to bring a student along for them to gain experience and I also offer a 2 photographer option for those couples looking to get as full a coverage of the day as possible.

What if it rains on the wedding day? Hey! it’s the UK it happens! If it rains it rains, how we cope with it is really up to you, I’m there to follow you and record rather than dictate what we do, so if you are happy to put on the wellies and brollies that’s fine, if not, we use what indoors spaces we have to their best advantage.

Can we include additional items in our wedding book like invites or photos by our guests? Absolutely. The storybook album is your record of your day and if you would like invites, thank you cards, orders of service or a great snap by your Aunty Sue included, I’m happy to do what I can.

Why is wedding photography so expensive? “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” said Benjamin Franklin and he’s right. On the whole, if you pay for cheap photographer you will get inferior photographs. I will spend a great deal of time and skill, before your day, on your day and afterwards working to get your wedding photographs perfect for you, so you are not just buying my time on the day.

Are you insured? Yes, I carry professional Image Makers insurance.

What deposit is required? I ask for a 25% booking fee and the balance payable in a further 3 installments of 25% each. The final payment will be due 1 month before the wedding date.

What if someone else enquires about the same date I want? If you have already paid the booking fee, then the new enquirer will be told I am unavailable. If you have not yet booked, but have expressed an interest in booking me, the new enquirer will be told that date is under enquiry with someone else and I will get back to you to confirm if you wish to book before taking the new enquiry any further.

What are your qualifications? I have a BA (Honours) Degree in Film, Video & Photographic Arts. In addition I have 20 years of experience as a photographer, a photography teacher and a lecturer.

How long have you been photographing weddings? I have been shooting weddings professionally since 2004 when I set up Jonathan Bean Photography, but before that I have been doing them for friends and family for a number of years.

Do you shoot on film or digital? These days it is all digital, unless by special request.

Will you take the group shots as well as informal ones? Of course, but I do like to do them quite quickly, so we will plan beforehand which groups you want and how we will do them to save time.

I like colour but my partner prefers black and white, what do we do? It’s not a problem with digital. You can have either or both. We will talk about it when we meet.

Who owns the copyright? UK law states that copyright always remains with the photographer. But I grant and issue a licence to you allowing full use in any non-commercial capacity.

Will my pictures appear elsewhere? I retain copyright and may choose to use your photos to market my business. I like to post a report of weddings I have shot on social media sites (Facebook, blogger, twitter etc). I might also submit to other wedding blogs who feature real weddings. If you have any objections to this, we should discuss it fully beforehand. I am happy to take your feelings into consideration.

Can we opt for pics on disc and then consider an album later? Of course, in fact there are other options too – you could even ask guests to chip in and buy an album as a gift.

How long do you keep the original files for? I archive all pictures and make back up copies which are kept for a minimum of 5 years (usually longer).

Do you shoot JPEG or RAW? I shoot exclusively in the higher quality RAW format. Edited files are exported as the more common jpegs or Tiff’s as per your preference.

How soon should we book you? Many dates in the summer will book up very far in advance (sometimes 2 years or more, so the best answer is as early as possible. Late availability offers will often occur, especially for off peak times so check my availability and weddings sections for updates.

I hate having my picture taken, what can you do? The important thing to remember here is that nearly everyone has a problem looking at pictures of themselves (just as we hate hearing recordings of our own voice). It’s okay. I often find that pictures people dislike of themselves now, they will love years later, when with hindsight, they can appreciate themselves more.

Will you remove my spots? Yes, but usually only if you ask me too. Photo-shopping your pictures can be a highly controversial subject, some people love it, some don’t. Personally, I don’t much like the really airbrushed pictures, and will steer clear, so let’s talk about it!

We’re going to have a videographer, do we really need a photographer too? I love video (and if you’re looking for a videographer – I can recommend some really good ones!) but video and stills are quite different, you need to think hard about what is most important to you, not only now, but in the long term. You might watch your video together occasionally but your stills will be on your wall, by your bedside and on your bookshelf to enjoy at anytime.

Can we still plan our wedding coverage without meeting up with you? It’s really helpful to meet, and to go through all your plans and timetables for the day, but I understand that sometimes it just isn’t practical, so we’ll use phone or email till everything is clear and say ‘hi’ on the day!

What happens if you are sick on my day? Good question! Bear in mind I’m only as likely as you are to get a cold on the day and I’m not about to call in sick for a few sniffles. But broken legs etc can happen, and if it comes to that I will endeavour to do all I can to get a replacement photographer for you. I network locally with numerous photographers so I’m well placed to find someone for you, even at short notice. If the absolute worst happens and no replacement can be found, I will refund you in full.

I’ve looked at your packages for wedding photography but would like something a little different? No problem, the packages are a starting point, so tell me what you are after and I’ll give you a price.

Should we provide a meal for you if you are staying all day? Well an offer of food is always nice, but there is no obligation. I am often too busy to stop for long anyway, so I’m quite used to bringing my own sandwiches.

What if your camera breaks down on the day? Fear not! I have backup DSLR’s and usually a few film cameras in the boot of the car too!