I’m a Photographer. I live in sunny Morecambe by the sea, with my wife Carol, our 2 boys, dog Toby and ‘rubbish’ cat Mojo. I shoot weddings all across the North West, sometimes even further. I’ve been with Carol since we were both teenagers, but it was a full 25 years before we got around to tying the knot! I’m a happy, upbeat chap, I like people, I’m a little camera obsessed, something of a bookworm, a bit of a bargain-hunter and I enjoy a bit of fun. If you need proof of that, here’s me with Toby (winning “Best in Show” at The Vintage By The Sea Festival in 2014) and as Morecambe’s infamous Mr Pumpkinhead (don’t ask!)

Johnny Bean as Monsieur L'Haricot Johnny Bean as Pumpkinhead

I did my Photography Degree in London back in the 80’s, then sidestepped and wound up working in bookshops for the next 20 or so years! In 2004 I set up Beanphoto, and spent 10 great years juggling working part-time at the Lancaster Literature Festival (Litfest) with photography work, till I was made redundant and decided to go full-time. 20 years ago I would never have imagined I’d be a wedding photographer, and now here I am wondering why it took me so long to find it’s just one of the best jobs…ever!  

I’m also a founder member of the Morecambe Artist Colony, a group of like-minded creatives hell bent on regenerating Morecambe through art!

I like to ask my clients lots of stuff about how, where and when you met, what makes you laugh, are you outgoing or a bit private, what books/films/music you like, all manner of stuff really. It gives me a sense of your character, and this way I can tailor my photography to you, and I can make sure I don’t ask you to do anything on the day you might be uncomfortable with. And sometimes it allows me to offer up little surprises like this one I did recently for Verity & Martyn, a great couple whom I discovered shared a love of comic books…

Verity & Martyn-the comic book

So, who would be my ideal wedding client? That’s hard, you can be young or old, straight or gay, generally I just love all couples who are relaxed, fun, loving and a bit quirky.

So, that’s me, and if you like my work, and think I could be the perfect photographer for you, then Get in touch!

You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram – please do, it’s fun!